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Round Log Homes

The round log method is a popular method used by some craftsmen wanting to get the most stylized result. Like all of our other methods, the round log method offers two techniques: Scribe Fit or Post and Beam.


This technique uses large diameter logs up to 50 feet in length, thus expanding the creative possibilities in terms of log houses. We only use top quality eastern white pine or western red cedar to build your project!

The Scribe
Fit Technique

The scribe fit technique is the traditional handcrafted Scandinavian style of log homes.  

Logs are scribed and cut to fit the next log with overlapping corners.  

Each log is stacked horizontally on top of one another to form walls. Concealed gaskets are added between logs to insure an airtight connection.  


All logs are smoothly peeled giving a beautiful natural look inside and out.  


These structures are available in large diameter eastern white pine.  We use the best selection of seasoned air-dried logs.  They are also available in western red cedar.  


The Post and
Beam Technique

The post and beam technique 

Consists of handcrafting the frame using vertical columns that support horizontal beams. It can then be infilled with conventional wood framing.   


This technique creates open spaces with exposed beams in and outside of the building. The post and beam structures use concealed metal fasteners and connectors.  


These structures are available in natural round logs or square timbers. We use large diameter seasoned eastern white pine, a durable heavy timber.  

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