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Handcrafting Your Dream Home Out of Nature's Beauty

Round Log

The Scandinavian inspired round log method is a popular method used by some craftsmen wanting to get the most stylized result. We only use top quality, large diameter white pine or western red cedar to build your project. Like all of our other methods, the round log method offers two techniques: Scribe Fit or Post and Beam.

Handcrafted Post & Beam Home

Milled Timber

The custom milled timber method uses machined white pine timber, with a precise and quality cut. The timbers are pre-cut in our shop so they fit perfectly by a simple superposition. This historical method uses either the Notch and Pass Technique or the Dovetail Corners Technique.

Custom Milled Home

Timber Frame

It is a centuries-old construction method that relies on the timber frame as the primary structural support for the building and consists in creating timber framed structures jointed together with wooden pegged mortises and tenon joints. It offers two techniques: the Full Timber Technique and the Hybrid Technique.

Classic meets modern style in this Timber Frame Home
Picture 167.jpeg

Who We Are

About Americana



At Americana we aim for our clients full satisfaction when it comes to building a log or timber home to fit the highest expectations in terms of quality, comfort and craftmanship.

We are committed to respecting our deadlines as well as building restrictions without compromising the quality of our work.

Our white pine logs and timbers are selected to allow us to ensure exceptional quality and deliver a product like no other.



Americana Log and Timber Homes is a proud member of the ILBA (International Log Builders’ Association) and is a licensed contractor with the RBQ (Régie du Bâtiment du Québec).

We are always willing to take on the most ambitious challenges and to show finess on a professional level with the Americana team. Our trustworthy architechs will share with you their keen sense of design creating the most wonderful plans and styles on the market.


Are you ready for your dream home?

Working with some of the best partners and clients

International Log Builders Association
Chateau Montebello
Groupe Nordik

Josée et Joël, Saint-Lazarre, Qc

"Étant nouveau propriétaire d’une maison log home, nous apprécions maintenant notre nouvelle vie et ce qui nous habite quotidiennement, la nature. Un projet qui est devenu notre rêve ; en fait une réalité.


Grâce à Pierre Cousineau, propriétaire d’Americana, et de sa merveilleuse et travaillante équipe, ils ont pu nous fournir de bonnes idées et de bons conseils.

Un gros merci d’avoir rendu possible la réalisation de notre rêve."

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