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Elevate your space with additional log accessories 

Staircases and railings

We also offer many choices of accessories like artful staircases and railings in different styles made out of log or timber wood (indoor or outdoor applications)

Saunas and Outdoor Living Spaces

Moreover, great additions such as gazebos and saunas are offered to complement your property. These outdoor accessories and structures are built with solid logs and timbers ensuring you that they will not only last you for a long time, but will also reflect your own aesthetic touch. Just like our log homes, the varieties of concepts and designs are endless.


Roof Structures

A stunning accent to any home, log trusses create a unique roof style. We design and build custom log trusses for any project. Variations may include full round logs or timber to act as a structural support for you roof system. You can mix and match the logs and timber for a unique look. Half logs can be used for a non-structural look.

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